Thursday, April 17, 2014

Featuring: Monster High Jane Boolittle

Jane Boolittle is a boo lotta shy. She can communicate with all animals, and is smashing gorgeous, too!
Ah, the Monster High box. My apologies if these images upload fuzzily. They were shot with a DSLR, but between the computer being physically incapable of uploading images to Blogger and having to transfer through Imgur and two iPad apps... I'm afraid they do lose a bit of their quality. Eventually I hope to find a remedy for this situation. Probably it will be a new computer. -.- Also, these are older photos I've been meaning to upload, whoops, so if the quality seems to be a digression from my latest post... That's because it is.

Jane is the adopted daughter of Doctor Boolittle and has a pet voodoo sloth named Needles, who is hecka cute.

So. Many. Plastic. Tags. Jane is probably the most complicatedly boxed doll I've opened as of late.
Now *that* is cute.
Hi Jane! I love the little paint dots beneath her eyes. The feather earrings are cute, too. Her full upper lip is unique to her and I love it. This is the only doll that purple eyebrows actually work on!
I LOVE the little crop top, although I've since traded her outfit with Frankie's.
I don't totally love this pink undershirt, but I donated it to another doll and it works, haha.
I'm not about to marry these shoes, either. Mostly becaus the color doesn't quite match any of the other blues in the outfit. The design is cool, though.

Hi Needles! His slothy arms are meant to hold on to Jane's shoulders for a slothy-back ride. ^^
Jane's staff is actually a marker. I keep thinking the now is upside down, but it actually has feathers out the top. Hello Kitty would be proud.
Heh, it's fun to play with.
Jane is a wonderful doll. I ship her with Heath (from my Home Ick set), hehe. Purple and yellow just go together! LSU... yeah. I'm not a big fan of her clothing, and like her accessories only selectively. I like her bracelets and earrings, but not necklace or shoulder... feathers... or shoes. Yeah.

Happy Easter!

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