Sunday, May 18, 2014

Featuring: Dr. Yue Sai Wa Wa (and Son) Part 2

Aka, my mother's computer is old and slow.

It embarrasses the kid when his parents kiss, haha. I paired up Yue Sai and Nie Feng (who I have yet to review). I think they're cute together. c:
And this is why I'm considering changing my Tumblr URL to dolly-butts. q: Anyways, you can see the Yue-Sai marking and year of creation, 2001. The body mold is VERY similar to the Barbie dolls of *my* childhood, with the '67 mold horizontal twist waist and painted-on underwear. I thought the legs might be click-knee, and there is a hole in the feet where one would expect the wire to lay, but the legs are made of a rather stiff vinyl, and I didn't think it wise to force the legs further than they wanted to go. Which means this doll has six points of articulation (which is fine with me, because I hate click-knees).
While I speak of these feet, I'll note that her shoes aren't a perfect fit. They're the right size, but the angle of her arches don't line up with those of the shoes. Were this a problem that seriously bugged me, I think it could be solved with a spoon and some boiling water, but Yue-Sai is content to be propped up with a (conveniently sized) Monster High boy's stand. She can't stand on her lonesome anyways.
Her clothes are nicely made and feature the brand logo on the inside. I appreciate that everything is hemmed, because I fear silky fabrics are the most rapid to unravel. Yue Sai came with an extra top for when she doesn't want to be on-duty (which is never, because she loves her job so much).

I don't think a ton of effort was put in to making her have a certain coordinating, fashionable 'look' the way MH girls do (no where else in her outfit can one find that baby pink lipstick, nor do her shoes or purse match anything else she owns), but one has to keep in mind that when filling a massive gap in the doll market, one must work their way up from scratch. On that note, I feel like people have given Lammily a slam she doesn't deserve for the same reason. The first Barbie wasn't perfect. Yes, collectors look on her with reverence because she was first, but had those poodle bangs and the complete lack of articulation not been an original Barbie thing, and a doll with those features were released today, nobody would be impressed. Yue Sai has room for improvement, sure, but she is also a gorgeous doll I'm proud to have in my collection, not just for looks, but for what she represents.

That bottle is hilariously out of proportion, but yolo. None of my doll stuff is in proportion. I'm just tickled to death that her name is printed on her jacket. c:

And once again that is all of the pictures this computer will allow me to upload, whoop. I'll share some more pictures of her cute face some other time. ^^


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