Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Featuring: Dr. Yue Sai Wa Wa (and Son)

Deep in thought about the cardiovascular system.
Meet Dr. Yue-Sai!

To introduce her, I will steal an exerpt from Kan Yue-Sai's personal website (

"In 2000, seeing as all dolls in China had blue eyes and blonde hair, Yue-Sai designed and produced a line of Asian female dolls, known as the Yue-Sai WaWa (“doll” in Chinese). Each doll has distinctive Asian features, accessories and educational facts, to help Asian children develop confidence, knowledge and pride in their heritage as well as educate children of all heritages about Asian cultures."

I picked Dr.Yue-Sai, because she is a pediatrician! (That is my goal job, and the reason my undergraduate major which I will begin this fall is in biological studies.) So basically, before even ordering this doll I biasedly loved her. Basically I am asking you to forgive the lack of objectivity in this post. (Then again, when is this blog ever objective?)

This is the little boy who came in the box! Isn't he cute? He doesn't have a name yet. His body and hands are plush, while his head is vinyl. People in the Amazon comments were complaining about this, but personally I think he is a cutie. Speaking of which, do not be fooled by eBay prices on this set. It is not yet "rare" or anything. Don't dish out $40 when you can get it on Amazon for $18.

Since she's a doctor, she came with doctory things. And apparently sideways pictures because I don't know how to work my mother's computer.
The baby book has actual pages for her to write in.^^

By far my favorite accessory is the herbal medicine cabinet. The back of the box explained it further, but basically Dr. Yue-Sai practices modern medicine while making use of herbal medicine of China's past. Having this in my doll accessories collection makes me so happy, and reminds me of my old home in Singapore, which was just a walk away from a Chinese herbal medicine shop. This accessory is made of a thick cardboard and is pretty sturdy.
Since she's a fashion doll, Dr. Yue-Sai couldn't forgo the heels, however impractical.

Apparently that is all the photos my mother's computer wants to upload. ._. I'm going to go ahead and publish this and try to edit it later.

And yes, today my tummy is feeling much better thanks to Dr. Yue-Sai!


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