Monday, May 19, 2014

Featuring: Dragon Models Nie Feng Action Figure Part 1

Welcome to  the world of I cannot ever upload images correctly the first time on this computer. -.- So yeah, once again this will be a two-part post. Anyways, check out that box opening pic. What a box, right?

So this is Nie Feng, the 'Life Action Figure' of a character from the manhua (Chinese comic) Fung Wan, which was eventually made into a movie which was called The Storm Riders. I've not seen the movie, but when I saw that had listed him as her favorite purchase of the year I became interested.
This doll has been in his box since 1999, so the paint on his sword kind of decided to glue itself to his hand. I don't care much, because if he's holding the sword, the paint spots aren't visible, and in my doll world Nie Feng isn't even a warrior, he's a chef, ha ha. The only other quality problem he has is with his face. I think originally his lips were darker, but over time the paint has dissipated and turned the lower half of his face extra-red.
Eew. Stabby thing. Apparently it's pretty comic-accurate.
 Details on the evil stabby thing.

 His clothes are well made and quite soft. I don't know what the material is. His outer clothes fasten to him in like five different ways. A couple snaps, a tie around his waist, another tie on the inside...

 I accidentally broke these ties like right after the picture whoops.

 Is this still called a peanut joint when it's on an action figure? Whatever, he is SUPER ARTICULATED. Number one best articulated doll I own that isn't a BJD.

Sorry It looks like he's on the toilet, but for a while I didn't want to take his boots off (which I eventually had to remove with an exacto knife). His knees also have these extra joints. It's awesome.

His hair looks super cool, but makes his head pretty much always flop back. His abs are so shiny I can see my reflection in them! He's rather ripped, haha. He also has lateral movement in his upper torso and horizontal movement in the lower.

And this is why I changed my tumblr URL to dolly-butts yesterday. Always doll markings are on the behind. COPYRIGHT 1999 DRAGON MODELS LTD PATENT PENDING.

More photos to come in part 2.

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