Saturday, March 8, 2014

Featuring: Hearts 4 Hearts Shola

Shola dreams of th future. It was rather chilly when I shot these photos on Friday. Why winter must linger so long I know not. Moving to the US has taught me this much: though the winter is very pretty, I am much more comfortable in the summer.

I've reviewed a Hearts 4 Hearts girl previously, so if you would like to, you can read about that here: 

A cute profile, no? Shola of Hearts 4 Hearts is the first Muslima doll I've seen mass produced to be available to the American market. I am aware that some similar dolls are available in Asia, and I know that Barbie produces Hindu dolls for the Indian market (also Dhoom3 dolls), none of which I have managed to find on eBay. I love Hearts 4 Hearts for bringing these to the doll market. I have a Laotian girl and Shola is from Afghanistan, I know that as soon as the Nepalese girl is released I'll be ordering her. Once upon a time my family and I went to Nepal and we somehow accidentally ended up on this 24 kilometer hike through the mountains and over rivers and it was gorgeous and when we got to one of the towns they were playing beautiful music, but the hike was insane and when we got to the end near where we were staying my mother I think passed out because of dehydration so yeah.... Nepal is cool it has lots of goats. I like goats.

What stunning eyes. Her lips are really cute, too. It helps if one braids her hair  to keep flyaways from escaping.

I spoiled Tipi a little. I bought the pajama set that was created for her. It was too adorable to pass up.

Shola' dress is nice, though falls flat compared to the promotional images, and ought to be a bit longer to cover more of her legs, or come with pants to wear beneath. Shola did come with underwear, whereas my Tipi did not.

In observance of Hijab, Shola wears a headscarf which is fastened by velcro to make things easier for those who do not normally wrap headscarves.

Perhaps it is not easy to tell, but her scarf is incredibly prone to snags. The fact that the wind blew her into a brick wall didn't really help things.

Shola's cute flats and Tipi's new slippers. The slippers came very bent in the packaging, but have relaxed since being set free from their plastic prison.

Shoe detail. Oh, I found out on Friday that I didn't break my camera! I just accidentally hit some weird manual settings buttons.

Shola' dress is of nice quality and the edges are serged.

Tipi's pajamas are not serged, but are still of very sturdy quality.

Tipi's hair is good fun to play with. I'm no hairdresser, but this braided topknot looks cute on her, I think.

Shola's hair is actually more of a brunette color than Tipi's, though this is the only time you'll ever see it. Like Tipi's, it is beautifully soft.

They're good friends. I'm psyched to add more to my crew. Based on ToyFair 2014 images which show new packaging for *all* dolls, I think the first wave of dolls is going to be re-released, which means I may be getting several. Nobody tell my mother! ><

Yui wanted to show off her mix-matched Dollb kicks. (


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