Thursday, March 13, 2014

Featuring: True Hope Moxie Girlz Sophina

Spring break is amazing. I cannot believe I convinced my mother to go to Toys R Us with me. Moreover, I cannot believe she actually offered to purchase a doll for me. I've been looking at Sophina online for a while. When I found out True Hope dolls were a thing I couldn't decide which I liked best. Between two doll lines (Moxie Girlz and Bratz) there are six dolls, of which two are male and four are female. I think the Moxie girlz clothing are more realistically child oriented as opposed to something you would find on the streets of New York. Not that I have anything against Bratz. They just rarely catch my interest.
It's coincidence that I recieved mail from St. Jude's on the same day I brought Sophina home. ^^ I'm a friend of St. Jude's n stuff. Actually, my dream job is to become a pediatric oncologist. These dolls make me really happy. Doll companies have a lot of power and can influence kids! And this is a way to provide influence for the good. Kids ought to have dolls that resemble them! I think this is awesome.
Heavy duty wrapping means heavy duty wreckage.
She has hearts in her eyes and hope for the future. c: My second cousin is a childhood cancer survivor and is... 13ish? years in the clear now. Also my aunt went into remission after Christmas. Doctors are wingless angels, tbh.
She comes with an extra outfit yay! I think it'll be shareable with other dolls.
Profile shot. She's very pretty.
Although she has a bit of unwanted residue on her back.
And some glue...
Nubbin feet. I didn't know Moxis had nubbin feet haha.
She rocks her socks! (And whatever else she wears.)
She also comes with a bracelet, which seems kind of pointless to me, but what do I know? Kid me probably would have loved it.
Sophina was $9.00 at TRU, but on sale for $7.2?ish+tax which means she came to $8.10, which is still a lot less than the $13.?? Amazon is asking. Also, $1 of the price is a direct donation to cancer research funding, which means... 8.1% of my purchase was a donation... which is I think the highest percent I've seen so far on this sort of thing. ^^

I love her. I want her and Frankie to be friends. Enjoy yalls' spring breaks!


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