Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Featuring: MLPEG Pinkie Pie

Hi! Today I got MLPEG Pinkie Pie basic in the mail, and thanks to our new position relative to the sun, it is 7:00pm and still light outside! So I took the opportunity to live blog my box opening on tumblr. (If you want a link to my tumblr, just ask me for it, but it won't link it here, because I don't want any young young children stumbling across that horrid pit of slime from my blog.) Below are screenshots of the event. Sorry, they're screenshots of iPad photos, so you knew the quality would be vile, but I promise Ponkie will get her time in front of the DSLR soon enough.

In the words of Fluttershy, "...yay!"


Ps. A Cleo showed up here the other day. Because I purchased her secondhand she did not come with her box. (I didn't want the Scaris Lagoona. Dat look is not for me.) However, here is a photo of her unpackaging:
Thank you, Natalie! She is perfect!

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