Sunday, March 16, 2014

Featuring: Madame Alexander for McDonald's Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West

Watch me, I'll post twice in one day and then not again for a month. -.- Anyways, meet little Elphie.
Elphie is a McDonald's toy from a line created by Madame Alexander. The aesthetic makes that pretty obvious, and I've talked about her before in Witch Hunt 1.0. The cute little bento is from a Korean eraser pack I got while I lived in Singapore, and it's just about the right size for Elphie. c:
She's just a couple inches tall. I found her on eBay, used, for a couple dollars. The hair is a wirey mess, and she has a rub to her face paint on her left cheek. Oh yeah, and the seller failed to inform me of their smoking household, so I had to perfume poor Elphie when she got here. (Funny that I recieved a fancy $60 or so bottle of Coach perfume for Christmas, but so far I've mostly used it only to make used dolls smell better.) Yui is a giant compared to Elphie, and of course Yui needed in on the photoshoot. I was going to wait until her new pants and shirt and underwear arrive in the mail from Thailand before I revealed her new wig, but I fear they are lost in the mail and may take a while to show up. I did finally get her a wig cap! I am so happy that her hair doesn't slide everywhere now.
She had beddy-bye eyes and the cutest little expression. Even witches have to sleep sometimes.
"Get her off of me."
"Look, Eowphie! A buddafly!"
Yui is sporting Tipi's pajama top as a robe while she awaits her new clothes.

I can't believe I returned to windowsill photography. -.- Oh well, I actually ventured onto the front porch to photograph the Monster High girls this morning, so give me some credit. I tried a black box photography setup this afternoon, but the photos don't look very nice to me, so I'll have to work on that. At least now I've only got one more doll on the backlog to feature. ^^ 

Oops earlier I counted 6.5 hours when it was 8.5 hours because yay I'm bad at maths. But yeah. Ughhhhhhhhhh school tomorrow. Last quarter of high school. Leggo.


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