Sunday, March 30, 2014

Featuring: Vintage Malibu Barbie (and her butt)

Oooki, hi. So recently I thought I'd branch out and attempt some fancy photography. Unfortunately I do not own a black box and I am not a photographer, so it was a little difficult. I didn't like shooting on a fabric background, because the wrinkles are incredibly apparent until photoshopped out. And photoshop takes time and the only computer in the house that has photoshop is shared between two other people... you see the dilemma. So instead of sitting on these photos forever, I thought I'd upload them as I become satisfied with them, even if it takes a lifetime.

Barbie, you look fabulous. This 1971's doll, a mod Twist n' Turn doll with what I believe is the Stacey head mold. She has the 1966 copyright marking on her back, and is marked Made in Japan. The fact that the waist twists at an angle as opposed to horizontally is one of the features that sets these older Barbies apart from the 90's and 2000's dolls with the 1966 copyright. The placement of the marking also makes clear this doll is an original, as the mark is on her butt as opposed to her back in the later dolls.

I found this Barbie on eBay with some extras for a low price in out-of-box but minty condition from a seller thinning out their collections. There is a dot of discoloration on her face, and a black spot or two on her legs, but those things aside, her condition is perfect. Her hair is perfect. *_* I almost can't believe it. Mostly because these days when people refer to a doll as one with "box-hair" it means that the hair is in bad shape from being tagged and pinned and rubberbanded to the box in a million different ways. Barbie also still has her sunglasses sewn into her hair, and I won't be removing them.

If you find great distaste with these photos... I'm sorry. I'm learning.

Peace out, girl scout,

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