Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Featuring: Maudelynne Macabre of Tonner Dolls

Hello. I'm Maudelynne.
It's a bit too sunny out here, no?
The pun that is her last name cracks me up. Maudlynne is $34.99 + shipping right now. If you can hold out for holidays, http://www.tonnerdoll.com sometimes has stuff like 20% off or free shipping or both. She's currently billed as a "beginner collector doll," and can only be found online. Rumors are that in the future she'll be available to the masses.
I think she has 10 points of articulation. Below her chest is a side to side joint, her head rotates horizontally, but doesn't really go up and down, and she hasn't got wrist or ankle joints, which would be a nice feature to include in future dolls. Speaking of which, I believe they've announced that the Macabre line is being expanded and may include Maudelynne's ghost friend as well as other outfits.
She sits more politely than other dolls her size. Hi Tipi! ^^ Speaking of height, M is 15" ish I think. Tipi is 14"ishish.
Maudelynne came standing like this in her box. I really love her tights. They cover her feet and are a thick material. They are so cute and modest! Her dress is pretty and fits her eh gothic? style... (Someone stop me, I clearly am out of my realm talking about this.) She comes with little blue gloves that slide off really easily and on not so much. Still, the fingerless feature is intreauging! Her headband is cute and contrasts with the ribbon around her tiny tiny waist, but I wish I had read http://www.dollyconfessions.wordpress.com 's review before I unboxed Maudelynne, because I severed the plastic ties holding the ribbon on, and now every time I want her to wear it it becomes a bit of a tangle.
The problem with the pose above is bam, staining. I think it's on all the dolls. I love her all the same, though.
The lace is pretty detailed and in scale. There's ya joints.
Her shoes are very cute in design, but though they are stretchy, they don't actually have a lot of give. The shoes are white beneath the paint. How do I know this? Because of the hole in the top of her right shoe, and the gaping white holes that show when I try to remove her shoes or put them back on. I feel like these shoes could have been better executed. Still, cuuuute.
She always seems preoccupied with something. I can't find an angle where she seems to be looking at the camera. She's good at watching the clouds, though.
Look, that one is shaped like a vulture!
She's rather mischievous.
There isn't anything out there but a ditch.
She stole my drink to model with heh heh.
Dispite M's flaws, Yui likes M a lot, and I do too. c:


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