Sunday, March 16, 2014

Featuring: Skull Shores Ghoulia and Skulltimate Roller Maze Frankie Stein

Ok, so whenI started this blog I decided I would post dolls in their order of arrival... But then I got Sophina and I got excited and skipped directly to her without passing go or collecting my $200 (which I could really use because ugh my collection still has a Kyu shaped hole in it). Anyways, I figured since I've already discussed the generalities of Monster high on this blog that I could double up and post my two favorite ghouls today.
Skull Shores Ghoulia. Perfect makeup. Her hair is a royal pain in the butt, but so worth it.
SKRM Frankie. Cutest MH doll ever, bar none. I love the colors in her hair, I love the cut of her bangs (I joke you not, I just got essentially the same haircut, just shorter), I love her makeup and her electrifying lips! Mine came with spots missing, boo, but I really don't care.
Boring-but-mandatory image of what came in their boxes. Either I'm crazy or Frankie didn't come with a brush. Boo again. Not that I actually use he hairbrushes for anything- only metal brushes will do for these haunt couture ghouls- but I like the electric green color scheme that is going on.
One piece! She came in a one piece! I love one piece swimsuits for dolls. Two pieces are just lazy and cheap.
Continuing modestly along, Ghoulia has chosen a cover-up sarong of sorts with... guts? brains? Very zombie of her. Her drippy bracelet (which one cannot remove without first removing her hands) matches her gory-geous shoes:
To die twice for, no? I ought to have held them up to the light for this image. The shoes are translucent!
She really looks like am old Holywiod starlet. I love the glittery eyes, classic red (and very full!) lips, and I think her expression stays pretty true to her webisode self. I've seen people call her sculpt haughty, but it's really not at all! She's just squinting because she is blind without her glasses!
Found 'em, Ghoulie! They were on top of your head the whole time. You've also got some... brains... in your hair.
Ah. Much better. Back to where they belong.
Frankie is a speed demon, and I owe her another photoshoot, because it was too windy out to get many good shots of her skating.
I love the nuts design and the cute little skeleton head design on her knee pads, but I wish I wish with all my heart to fly with dragons... cough... I mean gah I wish this was made into a romper. Who the heck skates in a dress? If I ever happen upon a second iteration of this dress... Me and a needle and some thread will have a job.
Oh yeah, Emily, backlight the opaque shoes. That's real smart.
Her shoes have her lightning bolt decal featured not only on the heel (um, wouldn't these be kinda dangerous?), but on the sides of the shoes and on her helmet as well. The shoe uppers are a very squishy rubbery plastic, and gah these tiny shoes are tempting me to purchase SKRM Operetta. But I won't. Maybe.

Happy last 6.5 hours of spring break. T.T
Whhee ooh, the waaambulance is here.

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